Let’s jump behind the scenes for a sec! So, what is your event planner/coordinator actually doing when you’re not in communication with them. Well, the answer is (sort of) simple—A LOT!


Throughout your wedding planning journey, us wedding planners are doing the one thing that we do best—representing YOU! At the end of the day, that is our number one focus. The time we spend in communication with you lends us guidance as to your tastes and wishes. But, even when we are dreaming up ideas and sending them your way, we are testing our ideas on what we think you’ll like! We are CONSTANTLY thriving to conceptualize your #weddinggoals by gathering insights on your must-haves, love-its, wants, and please-don’t-let-me-look-at-that-while-I’m-wearing-my-beautiful-gowns. At the end of the day, in order for us to fully represent YOU, we must…


…Know what your style is…

After we review your Pinterest perfect wedding, we find that common denominator, or, what we call it at B/D8, “The Golden Thread.” We are asking ourselves, what stands out here? What color is most prevalent? Does this scream romantic yet modern, or boho-adventurous? Then, we hone in our design powers (this is where the magic starts) and we conceptualize your style through vision boards and design consultations! We are dreaming, we are pinning, we are conceptualizing, and we are CREATING!


…Understand YOUR values & comforts…

It is so important to us planners that your wedding team shares similar values, which is why we do our best to develop a team of pros that you can relate to, trust, and have good relationships with—heck, let’s be besties! This is what we like to call “best-match”. Best match is more than just a consideration of budget and services—it includes style, values, and personality.

For us to seek out the vendors that we think would be the best fit for YOU, we want to know what your values are. Do you want to shop local and support small businesses or are you okay with shopping at department stores? (This is the Etsy versus Amazon question.) Is environmental sustainability important to you? If so, we’ll make sure to find a florist that specializes in seasonal products, shops local, and has good suggestions for repurposing your florals!

Of course, your cultural identity is an integral part to your event and THAT deserves to be captured and celebrated! We want to make sure that the wedding pros we bring on to your team are your allies, willing to learn and understand your traditions.


When us planners are on the phone chatting with you, we are listening to Every. Little. Detail. We are assessing every piece of information to better understand all of your quirks and wishes. (Not in a psycho-analyzing way, but in a “oh my goodness, tell me more!” kind of way!) So, what do we do with all of this information?


We help tie-the-knot, putting it all together…

Every wedding vendor we call, get quotes from, collaborate with… we are thinking of YOU.

With every contract and every decision, we are being mindful of your day-of vision, timeline, style, and needs. We are making intentional decisions on behalf of you.

Every order, every dollar spent and every contract signed is being looked over and managed.

Every table designed, every candle lit, and every bloom placed is put in just the spot.

Then, after many months of our behind-the-scenes labor of love, we execute every detail, so that every moment is everything you dreamt it would be…


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